The things I didn’t do, the things I did

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Today I had a sudden urge to clean up in a major way. Unless these types of urges hit me at inappropriate times (such as 11 pm or 15 minutes before I have to walk out the door) I generally try to run with them because to be perfectly honest I don’t love cleaning. Our home isn’t filthy but it’s often messy and I do the basics because I have to, not because cleaning is something that I naturally enjoy (I hear there are people who actually do enjoy it. I think they may be certifiably insane, but I can’t be sure.).

In the end I washed the breakfast and lunch dishes, made supper, and washed those dishes. I didn’t de-clutter or fold laundry or dust or any of the things that floated through my head in the morning. Hayley went out with her aunt and grandparents and they were coming back to pick Breanna up in the afternoon for supper. In the meantime she had nothing to do and was bored and lonely.

Instead of cleaning I helped Breanna make some soap with the (kid-safe) soap activity kit that her aunt gave her for her birthday. Then she had a huge bubble bath that contained more bubble than bath – though she decided not to use her new soaps so that she wouldn’t ruin them.

After that she helped me make some scrambled eggs for her lunch and once I had eaten a couple of sandwiches we embarked upon an epic Wii extravaganza, playing some party games and then some sports. Much to my embarrassment she kicked my ass at bowling. In the worst of the games she scored 178 while I managed 119. And I swear, I wasn’t trying to lose to make her feel better.

As if it’s not enough that she beats me at bowling she also laughs when I miss a spare and trash talks me while I set myself up. Sheesh.

In the end, my kitchen is clean. My living room is tidy as long as you don’t look at the fluff and dog hair and other things that spring up on the carpet at will. Beyond that, laundry still waits, papers are still unfiled, and my bedroom still resembles a warehouse more than a haven of great sleep.

But I don’t care because I made my daughter laugh (even if it was AT my expense) and we had fun. That’s more important.

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2 thoughts on “The things I didn’t do, the things I did

  1. Randi

    I’m the same way – I do the basics. More often than not you’ll find dust on my TV stand and a bit of dog hair (although I fight that on a daily basis – damn dogs). Scott’s in a cleaning mood right now and he’s driving me crazy, because he not only wants to clean, he wants to throw EVERYTHING out!

    And yes, people who love cleaning are CRAZEE.

  2. Mia

    In my house everything gets to a high level of mess until I get so frustrated with it that I have a “cleaning urge”, and then I clean EVERYTHING. And it takes days.

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