This is fall?

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Today on Canada A.M., which is my favorite Canadian morning news show (and not just for Seamus O’Regan, shush), they asked their daily poll question. This time it was “are you obsessed with the weather?” It’s a common stereotype that Canadians are indeed hooked on weather. I think part of it is just because we have so MUCH weather. Part of it is also because I clearly missed my calling and should have studied to be a meterologist. Alas.

(I voted in the poll. I chose “yes” only because “HELL YES” wasn’t an option.)

Lately I don’t know what’s happening. Our leaves have changed colors but they’re muted instead of the vibrant shades we usually get. A great deal of them are staying at yellow instead of orange or fiery red which is a shame because there’s nothing more beautiful than a tree full of leaves that look like they’re on fire. It’s sort of like the weather stayed too warm and humid, got cold enough just long enough for them to start, and then it warmed up again. The trees got confused and just said, “eh, screw this then” and dumped them all. We went for a family walk in the woods yesterday like we do just about every year, but it wasn’t as breathtaking as it usually is. I took a lot of pictures but I did it because the woods are beautiful anyway, not because the leaves were screaming at me to photograph them.



When we were getting ready to leave, we assumed it was cold out since it looked like it was out the window. Hayley was sick last week and Breanna and I were coming down with it, so we all dressed warmly. When we got outside I nearly died. Between my long sleeve shirt, my sweater, and my fall jacket, not to mention the fact that Breanna was strapped to me in the baby bjorn, I was sweating before I got halfway up the block and I had to take my coat off.

Today I sent Hayley to school in her tunic and knee socks, with a t-shirt underneath. She’s been begging for her tunic but she needs new tights since her current ones are stretched out, and it’s been too cold in the mornings for just socks. Today it was so warm in the morning that she never even shivered once outside. And I was happy I hadn’t made her wear a long sleeve shirt when the afternoon actually ended up humid.

We’ve actually had to put the A/C on a few times over the past several days – not all day long like in the dead of summer, but A/C in late October? What?

It’s not that I’m looking forward to winter, because I hate the cold and the snow, but I also hate humidity. I like October because usually you can wear sweaters and you feel like baking and you don’t break into a sweat over a cup of tea at 10 pm. Lately, that’s just not happening. Thank goodness I didn’t put my summer clothes away yet, I’m making good use of my t-shirts.

And I’m drowning my weather sorrows the best way possible. With Lindt Madagascar dark chocolate. *drool*

Bliss (4/365)

If you have picky eaters who would rather starve than eat a vegetable, I did a review of a nifty book called Deceptively Delicious over in my review blog. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “This is fall?

  1. Amanda

    I’m making a new recipe tonight – it’s a “Quick and Creamy Chicken Stew”. I’ve wanted it ’cause I’ve been craving comfort food. Somehow, with the balmy weather, I think it’s just going to make me break into a sweat. Heh.

  2. mamatulip

    I never realized it until I read this post — and it’s hard for me NOT to realize it, with me getting the weather emailed to me every morning and all — but I am totally obsessed with the weather. Like, TOTALLY. And like, I’m totally Canadian, eh?


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