Time to break out the winter boots

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After a fairly mild fall season our temperatures have been dropping including mornings like this one where it was only -5C* and as of tomorrow we’ll be hitting the real “winter is coming” milestone. According to the weather reports – and the weather warnings – we’re slated to get anywhere from 15 to 30 centimeters of snow across our area.

I’m not thrilled, and I’m sure that’s no surprise. Despite all my years of living in this country I still can’t seem to embrace the winter season but it’s inevitable that it will hit us at some point. At this point I’m really grateful for the fact that I work an off-shift. The morning should be okay, I don’t think it’s supposed to start snowing until the afternoon. However, having seen how everyone forgets how to drive the second a few flakes fall from the sky I know that the rush hour traffic on the way home could be a bit of a nightmare. By the time I’m on my way home it should have died down and most people will be at home and hopefully just staying there so that we can get where we’re going.

Winter boots for everyone tomorrow!

*Despite the fact that it was cold out I saw a kid run by in SHORTS. If it was someone jogging it would have been excusable but it was just a random kid. If one of my kids tried to get out of the house in shorts in this kind of weather I’d flip out and make them change!

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3 thoughts on “Time to break out the winter boots

  1. Katherine

    You’d kill me if I posted a photo of what it looks like outside of my window right now. Then again, you’d have to come here to kill me, and the pleasant temperatures (and awesome coffee) would probably temper your rage. Perhaps I’d survive. 😉

  2. daddy

    Hey, a girl that was raised in Mtl & who used to cross country ski in places like Mont Tremblant, should not have a problem with a little snow/


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