Turns out Hayley is ready for Kindergarten

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When the Parent Bloggers Network was looking for people to review a book called Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten! I immediately replied with a yes. Hayley is so excited about going to school in the fall and is disappointed that September is still so far away, so I thought it would be fun for her and useful as well to see what sorts of things she can do to prepare for Kindergarten.

The Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten book (and its follow-up about first grade) was created by Stacey Kannenberg, a mother who was disappointed to find out that although the curriculum for Kindergarten has changed a lot (remember when it was half days full of singing and playing with toys? It’s more in-depth now) there were very few resources available for parents who wanted to help their child gear up for the leap into school.

It turns out that Hayley is more than ready for Kindergarten. The book covers things like colors, shapes, numbers, seasons, opposites, things that are alike, the alphabet, and so on. There’s also a place for them to learn their full name, phone number, and address. Hayley’s known all those things except her address for quite some time now. However, she generally only counts up to about 20 or so, and so the fact that the book goes up to a hundred has inspired her to practice those, since she never had much interest. It also teaches them how to count by fives.

Also, although she knows most of the stuff covered in the book, she likes flipping through it and affirming that to herself. I guess she’s going to be a nerd like me, excited about school supplies and “textbooks”. It also made me feel a little better about the inevitable start to her school career, because I know I’m not just tossing her blindly into something where she’ll be lost and bewildered.

Now if only Stacey Kannenberg could write a book for the parents, perhaps titled, “Let’s Get Ready to Put Our Kids On the School Bus Without Crying That Our Little Ones Are Growing Up”, I’ll be all set for Kindergarten too!

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