Two girls in glasses

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On Friday I called to find out what was going on with Hayley and Breanna’s glasses; it had been almost two weeks and they had told me it would take about a week and a half. The guy who checked the file said the glasses were already there and they had called on June 2nd to let us know. A quick scroll through Call Display showed this to be a total LIE but I shrugged it off because other than that their customer service had been great and the prices were reasonable.

I had to go out in the afternoon because Hayley’s school held their volunteer tea. It was way more fun this year because I knew a lot more people. I sat with some of my friends and we had such a good time laughing and just enjoying some pleasant afternoon time while our kids all ran around outside with the daycare. The drummer in most of George’s bands over the years is also a lunchroom monitor at the school so he was there as well and it was good to catch up with him after not seeing him for awhile. When it was time to leave I invited him to come drop by and see George for a bit so that was nice too.

After supper George had to work, but his dad was nice enough to come pick us up and we drove over to get the girls’ glasses. I realize that I’m seriously biased, but they both look *ridiculously adorable* in them.

Sisters in glasses!

Breanna has a cold that’s been keeping her up at night and driving her crazy so she was less than keen to pose for me but I got a couple at least.

Sisters in glasses!

Hayley is ecstatic. She was so happy to be able to see more clearly. The optometrist told me that she would have had trouble seeing clearly beyond three or four feet, which explains why she was having trouble seeing the board at school. However, she also said she has trouble seeing right up close, and that it would affect her concentration levels. That struck a chord – she’d been having more and more trouble getting through her homework and I thought it was just a combination of being tired after seven hours of school and being too much work, and that may be part of it, but the optometrist said that it may also be from her eyes tiring out from the effort of reading and writing.

I also didn’t really realize it until last night, but she hadn’t been reading in bed much lately. She used to read books every night before falling asleep but it was too hard for her eyes. Last night she was really tired but when she hopped into bed she pulled out one of her favorite books and forced herself to stay awake long enough to read it just because she could.

Breanna is mostly ambivalent. She didn’t really want to keep them on last night but she was tired and not feeling well. This morning she refused to put them on again and I didn’t push it, but once she saw Hayley wearing hers she went back to the bedroom and brought them out for me to put on her. So far she’s had them on for about three and a half hours without any complaints or requests to take them off. I think that there’s a huge difference in how she sees now. She told me everything is bigger.

The optometrist was surprised last night because she said when kids put on glasses as strong as Breanna’s are (+5 and +6) they sometimes have trouble adjusting and walk funny but Breanna walked and ran all around the store for us so they could see how she reacted and she didn’t have any issues at all. She had never been able to tell us she had trouble seeing because she didn’t know anything different, but I’ll bet it’s a whole new world for her. She didn’t want to leave the store but then I said, “come on and you can look out the car window and see all the stuff you didn’t see on the way over” and the staff all laughed.

I think it’s really helpful that they both had to get glasses at the same time. It probably would have been harder to get Breanna to keep hers on if it was just her, but seeing her sister in glasses makes her want to do the same thing. Meanwhile, even though I hate my glasses because they’re old and need to be replaced, I’m wearing mine today just so they can see me in them too. They make me a bit woozy after too many days in a row because the anti-reflect coating is mostly worn off, but I can wear them for today at least.

Hayley is so excited to go to school on Monday now that she can see properly – she can’t wait to sit and look at the board and actually see things clearly. I’m so glad their glasses are working well for them so far!

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3 thoughts on “Two girls in glasses

  1. Richard L Walker

    It is nice to hear we aren’t the only location where businesses lie about having called. I have 3 caller id boxes and an answering machine. Hello? If none of them register … the call never came. Like you I rarely bring it up because it is cheap warning that the store has no problem telling lies to its customers. How great is that?

  2. Randi

    I’m so glad that went good with them! We’re constantly worried about our 2 having to have glasses, as both Scott and I do, but so far so good (I think). I’m glad to see little girls adjusting well to them – that makes me feel better if ours needs them!

    Randis last blog post..I Can Do This

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