Two hours of yoga will wipe you out

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(Please note, this is not a sponsored post, this is just a yoga junkie freaking out in a very good way!)

This weekend I tried out a new yoga DVD. I’ve been following yoga guru Kathryn Budig for quite some time now but she doesn’t really do a YouTube channel and I’m not a member of the sites where she does online classes so I’ve never done anything with her “one on one” so to speak. However I have learned several amazing poses (such as Flying Pigeon and Fallen Angel) based on her Adventure Pose writings for Yoga Journal. She has a gift for breaking down intimidating poses into pieces that make sense and all of a sudden I would be doing something I had never done before.

Flying Pigeon, something I learned from Kathryn Budig

Kathryn’s DVD Aim True is everything I had ever hoped for. It’s also freakin’ brutal. I did it yesterday and had to go take a shower because I was too sweaty to just sit around. I did it again today, meaning to only do the 25 minute beginner sequence but then I added on the remaining intermediate sequence because I was having fun. At one point George was in the kitchen and I called out, “you know, anyone who thinks yoga is not a workout should try this DVD and get back to me!”

In total, I did over two hours of yoga yesterday and today, an hour and ten minute of non-stop flowing yoga that left me both exhilarated and exhausted.

My hamstrings were pretty tight this morning and then again when I first started the DVD. Luckily Kathryn has a great method of stretching it out with the best downward facing dog variation EVER (do traditional down dog but then widen your feet to the outside of your mat and pedal your feet. AMAZING!) and I was fine quickly.

By the time I was done today my legs were wobbly and my shoulders are already a bit sore – if I do her routines just a couple of time per week my upper body will be SO strong (and based on the way it was feeling today I just might catch some air in handstand or forearm stand, thank you Kathryn).

I have a feeling my body will be a little upset with me tomorrow. In total I did two hours and 25 minutes of yoga over the past two days.

Luckily it’s good for my brain. The news got to me in a serious way. Tonight George and I were watching TV and then the news came on and of course it was covering the elementary shootings, but it did so in a very sensationalist bullshit kind of way to the point that I thought I was watching FOX news, and I just about lost my shit with some of the descriptive words they used that are totally unnecessary outside of a courtroom. I think I may have said something like “are you fucking kidding me?!” and then George changed the channel and we are now watching Friends re-runs on KTLA (and speaking of that, why in the hell have they not made a Friends movie? If they can do it with Sex And the City, I’m sure they can do a Friends reunion!).

Yoga is what keeps my anxiety in check. This weekend it was great to have the time to fit in so much of it all at once but it was also incredibly necessary.

Sometimes it’s the only thing that holds my brain together. I’m lucky I had Kathryn Budig to steer me through it.

In the meantime, that 2+ hours of yoga in the past two days has wiped me out enough that at least I’ll sleep well.

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