Valentine’s day

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If you’re one of those people that loves V-day, I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. If you hate the Hallmark holiday, I hope you didn’t strangle anyone and that you’re now enjoying the fact that it’s Wednesday.

I’m neutral. I never went crazy about the whole valentine thing. Throughout most of high school I disliked it because I never got as many carnations as some other people, and the ones I did get were just from friends. In my graduating year I actually had a boyfriend so it was a little better, but not really any more special than any other day. The following year, I was single, but the year after that I wasn’t, and I’ve always been with someone ever since so it’s not that I’m bitter, I just don’t care for the sentiment of the whole day. I don’t like the idea that we apparently need a specific day to act mushy and romantic. I don’t like the way commercials imply that if someone isn’t giving you diamonds, expensive chocolates and a bouquet of roses, your day sucked. I don’t like the way society has made a pressure-filled day of romance out of a Roman martyr named Saint Valentine who was put to death. I can take it or leave it.

Ever since I met George, Valentine’s day has been secondary anyway since our anniversary falls on February 22nd. To me, that day is much more important and more worthy of celebration (seven years coming up, wow!).

However, I did discover one way to put a fun spark back into Valentine’s day – having kids. Yesterday was a fun day because of making it special for Hayley, and when Breanna is old enough to care, it will be double the fun. When she got up (at 8 am, which was MY gift, getting to sleep in a bit!), she found a chocolate heart and a Valentine-themed puzzle waiting on her table. The puzzle was a huge hit and she has put it together approximately 653 times in the past 24 hours.

I borrowed an idea from Heather and served up some pink milk, which Hayley thought was really neat. I also made her toast and spread the jam on in a heart shape. By the end of the day she had also polished off her chocolate heart.

Breanna got a liitle fairy bear too, but will have to wait until next year for any other treats. Hayley got dressed up in a pretty dress and Breanna wore pink. Meanwhile, I got festive by wearing the really bright red socks with pink hearts that George gave me. He made his yummy ravioli with rosé sauce, and it was a nice, simple celebration.

I don’t want big diamond pendants from Zales or chocolate truffles that cost more than a week’s worth of groceries. I’m happy with low-key celebrations, which is no surprise because my mother always made it a nice family celebration when I was growing up too.

Pretty in pink:

With her fairy bear (and not impressed with the flash):

All dressed up:


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4 thoughts on “Valentine’s day

  1. beth

    awwwwwww love there outfits:) wat cute ideas for valentines day!! big huggies im glad u had a good day! wow almost 7 years!! this sept weve been together 6!

  2. Kary

    Gavin had fun too. I dressed him in red pants, red socks, red t-shirt and a red hoodie – I did refrain from buying him red underware for the day but it was hard. We had worked on a Valentines craft box and made one for every kid in his daycare class. Sitckers were a hit.

    I’m finding that Breanna is looking more and more like George – as much as Hayley looks like you!

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