Weekend Highs and Lows + Goals

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I found a great post idea over at Carrots N Cake that inspires you to note your highs and lows that occurred over the past weekend (I like to stay positive as much as possible so I like the idea of writing more highs than lows!) as well as looking at your goals for the upcoming week. I thought I would take part!

High: Trick or Treating of course! We live in a really great neighborhood for going out on Halloween, which is a nice change from where we lived in Montreal. We only did five streets but it took us two hours and we came home with an obscene amount of candy because there are just so many houses that are lit up and handing it out. The kids had fun and so did I. Hayley went as a regular cat and Breanna was the Cheshire Cat. I love Halloween like nobody’s business so I dressed up as a broken doll to take them out (and actually I wore the same costume to work the day before, even going to work on the bus like that. I have no shame when it comes to Halloween!).


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Low: George had a gig so he was unable to join us for trick or treating. We still had fun but I always love when all four of us can go together (and also he brings the car so I don’t have to lug two garbage bags over my shoulders like some sort of deranged Santa!). It wasn’t a huge deal though, and apparently he had a good gig that night.

High: I went out for a run on Saturday morning, even though I didn’t really feel like it. I had to seriously talk myself into it at one point because I was still on the couch in my pajamas debating just staying home instead. I’m not the biggest morning person and it was cold out (and we had the space heater blasting so it was cozy inside!). I knew I would regret it if I didn’t go though. I promised myself that I would do at least 5K and shoot for 7K if I could. I ended up out there for just over 10K so it worked out after all. And it wasn’t that cold once I got going, plus it was beautiful with all the fall leaves.

Low: It took me over 6 km to get my groove. Those first six were sluggish and stiff. I felt really out of breath the whole time (and I’m not sick) and my legs refused to wake up. I took more walk breaks than I intended. Also, the last kilometer towards home was done with a very sore outer right knee, so that was less than fun. I think I may need new shoes or I have to add some hamstring strengthening exercises to my routine. Probably both.

High: A wonderful Sunday that was equal parts productive (cleaned out the fridge & freezer, lots of laundry, etc) and lazy (hanging out and laughing with a friend for a good part of the day/evening). George even fired up the BBQ despite the time change, and cooked sausages and burgers by flashlight. And of course, the weekend ended with another episode of The Walking Dead – good stuff.

Goals for the Week:

  • More water! I used to be really good at drinking a lot of water and lately I’ve noticed that I’m slacking badly in that area. I’m not exactly totally dehydrated, crawling around like I’m in the desert, but I’m definitely not as hydrated as I should be. You’d think that I’d be slamming water down easily because my job involves talking all day long, but it’s actually creating the opposite effect. So more water!
  • Better sleep! I am notorious for not getting enough sleep because I find a ton of things to do in the evening (reading, watching TV, watching YouTube) and then have to get up earlier than I’d like to get ready for work. I need more sleep. At least seven and a half hours would be great on a consistent basis.
  • Run three times this week. Lately I’ve been averaging two runs per week more often than not. That’s okay but I need to bump it up to three times. Marathon training won’t actually start until January but I need a good solid base so that I don’t go into shock or anything when I have to amp up my mileage. Three runs will mean two treadmill runs at the moment since it’s now pitch black before I even get home. I’m not fond of the idea of running in the dark nor getting up to run early in the morning, so treadmill during the week for 5 or 6 km each, and a longer run outside on the weekend.

Not bad goals, let’s see how I do. I have high hopes for the three runs being pretty easy to stick to, it’s the water and sleep that are more challenging but just as important.

What are some of your highs and lows from last weekend? Got any goals for the week?

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