When your “fun run” ends up a PR

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Last weekend I dragged my tired and lazy ass out of bed at the unholy hour of 7 am. Now that’s normal for a week day when I have to get myself ready for work and then get the kids up for school. However, it is not normal for a Sunday at ALL.

(I also realize there are many runners who get up even earlier than that on weekends all the time to go out for a run. I am not one of those runners.)

However, it was for a good cause. Earlier in the year I had signed up with some people from work to do the Run for the Cure to benefit the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. I did a bit of fundraising both on my own and at work and I certainly was not going to let anyone down by deciding to sleep in instead, so I got up and got myself ready. I was dressed and had my contact lenses in before I was fully awake and managed to eat almost two pieces of toast and peanut butter before leaving for downtown.


We all met up and mingled around for awhile until it was time to get started. Most of my work peeps were planning to walk the 5K but three of us were running it instead. It’s funny how distance works in my brain. If you tell me to run five kilometers I’m all, “I can totally do that, let’s go!” On the other hand, tell me I have to walk that exact same distance and I’ll be whining about how it’s tooooooooooo faaaaaaaaarrrr.

For two weeks prior I had been reminding myself that this was a fundraising event and a “fun run” in the sense that it’s not a chipped, timed race. I was constantly having to talk down the pumped-up side of me that was all, “I’m going to run this thing SO HARD.”

It’s my inner competitive streak. I am nowhere near fast enough to be an elite competitive runner, but let me tell you, I can compete all day with myself.

Run for the Cure

Ready for the Run for the Cure

Anyway, we got into line, and they started the run, and before I knew it we were weaving in and out of slower people and we were off. Every time I felt the urge to slow down or take a walk break my friend – who should quit her job and become a running coach – would motivate me to keep going.

Me, my previous manager, my friend Suzanne

Me, my previous manager, my friend Suzanne

(Right when we had to come up the last uphill section before the finish line, she yelled, “DIG DEEP!” at me and I was too scared to stop. Aside #1 – she doesn’t actually scare me, she’s very nice. Aside #2 – what is wrong with this city in which I live and their friggin’ uphill finish lines?!)

Even though we weren’t being timed I had started Runkeeper when we began and I pulled my phone out after crossing the finish line to stop it; much to my complete amazement I had set a PR. Can you call it a PR if it’s not an official race? I don’t care, I’m counting it, and so my new 5K PR is 29:07.

All the running excitement aside, it was also a lot of fun. We waited for our walking friends to arrive, hung out for a bit, and then came home where I inhaled some eggs and toast, had a shower, and then took a nap. Early mornings man, I can’t handle them.

I would definitely do it again if we organize something for next year!

Do you have trouble just doing an easy run for fun?

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