Working Week, August 8-12

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I’m already into yet another week of working and I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by. Sometimes it’s a bit of a shock to look at the calendar and see how many days have passed. Here’s last week’s working wardrobe. I’m really looking forward to slowly adding more pieces. I don’t really have a big enough wardrobe to bother to keep on giving the brand for each thing that I wear so I’ll just mention if I get something particularly interesting or new. I’m a big fan of thrift shops, so I’ll also mention if I get a good deal on something.



That sweater is quickly becoming one of my favorite staples and I tend to take it with me daily in case the air conditioning gets to be a bit too much. I love the way it imitates a shawl along the back.



My sister may have to beat me over the head with a brick to get this top back.



I also love the red shoes I wore with this outfit.




Actually, come to think of it, my sister may have to beat me over the head with a brick to get THIS top back. I love it even more than the other one.

I don’t remember where I got the pants but they’re flowy and so comfortable and I am kind of head over heels in love with them.



I got this extremely loud pink blouse at a thrift shop for five bucks. Score! And even better than that find, I also got these awesome shoes there for six bucks.


Freakin’ amazing shoes.

I need to practice taking less-blurry pictures with my phone but the basic idea is still there. There isn’t a ton of light for photo-taking by the door, but I’ll get it eventually.

And apropos of nothing wardrobe-related, isn’t the lounge at work nice? It’s almost always empty, I’ve seen a grand total of two other girls in here so far, and even then they were just reading stuff on their phones or looking at a book so it’s always been very quiet.


Now to go figure out what I’ll wear tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “Working Week, August 8-12

  1. Amanda

    Funny enough, I got both of those shirts at a thrift shop (Frenchy’s) myself!

    We’ll see how my slimming down goes over the next while – if I don’t lose all of this pregnancy weight, you may get to keep the tops. Otherwise, it’s game-on! 🙂


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