Writing letters to Santa

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Today would have been a decent day to go outside and play in the snow since it wasn’t brutally cold, but Hayley was still under the weather. She was much better than yesterday, but I didn’t want to overdo it for her – this coming week is her last one before the two weeks of vacation, so I don’t want to have her miss any days (plus tomorrow is the used toy sale and she really wants to go to that).

Still, she was able to laugh today, something that was rare yesterday, and she played Barbies with Breanna for quite a long time. What had me smiling was the fact that she was playing with a much-too-small dollhouse and saying that she wished she had a Barbie house. Little does she know that their big joint gift this year is the Barbie Diamond Castle. They love the movie and play out the parts, so I know they’ll both love having the actual castle and the dolls to go with it.

Letter to Santa

After supper, I cleared the table and put on one of those all-Christmas radio stations on iTunes to set the mood, and we got out some pens and paper to do our letters to Santa. If I get them out tomorrow, there should be plenty of time to get the reply back before Christmas. I wrote Breanna’s out for her, of course, but she added to it by drawing a picture as well. Then Hayley wrote out her own, I’m so proud of her.

Both of them asked Santa for a Fur Real kitten, and I’m sure Santa will have no problem bringing those for them.

It’s getting very exciting around here with the countdown to Christmas. Hayley can barely stand it at this point. I swear, the only thing better than being a kid at Christmas is being a parent and watching your kids completely freak out about it.

I didn’t bother writing a letter to Santa; the things I want are an external flash for my camera, a Nintendo Wii (with Wii Fit!), or a new pair of glasses and contact lenses. I don’t think he’ll be able to bring any of those, alas, so I’ll just wait to see what the kids find under the tree instead!

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Writing letters to Santa

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  • November 5, 2009 at 3:25 am

    Dear Santa I want snow for Christmas day so mom and me can have a nice quiet Christmas we got chipped on are qiuet Christmas last year and we got upset about it because we worked hard Planing on it
    Love Monty Benton

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